Association Management Case Studies

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Case Studies

Association Management Services


Rivers was hired to coordinate a 3-day mid-winter upscale event that included workshops, a keynote speaker, and social events. The event catered to senior-level executives from top-tier grocery stores in the Tri-State area.

The client requested that The Rivers Organization coordinate transportation for 50 guests and their spouses. The Rivers Organization was also asked to take care of arranging the schedule, menu, and entertainment.


The Rivers Organization was the first to book the Arizona Biltmore for a major event after a major renovation—the conference that followed the Food Merchants Association was the NFL Owners Winter Meeting. The Biltmore provided elegance and style—exactly what the event called for.

The Rivers Organization arranged all air and ground transportation to the Biltmore from major cities on the east coast.

Social events included two outdoor receptions—one by the pool and one overlooking the hotel and city. Dinner included music, dancing and a desert-themed menu.

Guests were able to use the beautiful Biltmore Golf Course and attend a Desert Tour led by real cowboys. The tour included six-gun and rifle shooting, and horseback rides.

Case Study American College Personnel Association Foundation Challenge:

The National Foundation wanted to convert their paper-only fundraising donor information and bookkeeping systems to a software system that would allow them to better manage their fundraising efforts and donor relations in paperless format.


TRO investigated, analyzed and selected the most appropriate fundraising software for The ACPA Foundation. TRO entered donor information from the past ten years, making the application current and active.

Work performed:

TRO designed and prepared customized reports for management of donor relations, professional letters, and a tax filing letter.


  • Increase in number of donors
  • Various campaigns were launched–Trustee, President’s Challenge, Diamond Honoree Campaign Heritage funds

TRO also assisted with development of Fundraising Program for:

  • Three levels of giving, each with separate strategies and implementation processes
  • Step-by-step process of rating donor capability for each level of giving with plan to move donor to next level
  • Plan for stewardship of donors and donor recognition with timetable

TRO currently provides database management and all bookkeeping services for the Foundation.

BOMA Rochester Case Study Challenge:

BOMA Rochester Board of Directors asked TRO to develop a Recognition Award for the local community, recognizing excellence in Building Professionals and their projects.


TRO developed an awards program where recipients are nominated by their peers and can be awarded in two categories: Operating Awards and Manager of the Year Awards.

Operating Awards in four categories:

  • Sustainable Awards
  • New Construction
  • Renovated Building
  • Office Building

Manager of the Year is given in two categories:

  • 3-10 years experience in property management OR
  • 10 years or more experience in property management
  • Responsible for managing one or more buildings in the Rochester area
  • Member of BOMA of Greater Rochester in good standing with current active status

The awards program has proven successful and is in its third year. Over eight companies and two individuals have been recognized by the local community in the past two years.