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The Rivers Organization was hired to plan a department-wide meeting and motivation event for a fortune-500 company. 400 people were expected to attend the winter-time event in Rochester. The Rivers Organization was accountable for the venue, transportation to and from the event for everyone, entertainment, breakfast and lunch menus, and securing the speaker and entertainment. The client wanted to incorporate winter activities like skiing and snowshoeing into the entertainment portion, but the local ski resorts did not have the seating capacity to host a meeting of 400 people.


The Rivers Organization rented the entire Bristol Mountain facility, and made room for all 400 people by working with their staff. The night before the event, the staff removed the barriers in the food service area to create enough space to seat everyone. The entertainment was spectacular. A piano was covered and placed on a rotating stage, so when the performer was introduced, the shedding of the cloth looked like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

Outside activities included full-use of the mountain, ski lessons for beginners, and snowshoeing at Cummings Nature Center. Indoor activities included trivia contests, games, and colleague bonding.

Motor Coaches delivered the guests from six different locations across Monroe County.

World Canal Conferences Challenge:

The Rivers Organization was asked to plan an international event, The 2000 World Canal Conference. The goal of the event was to showcase the Erie Canal, Rochester, and the surrounding communities through meetings, tours, and social events held at locations along the canal.


The Rivers Organization provided transportation for over 430 guests to the Spring House on Monroe Avenue for lunch. After lunch, there were presentations in three locations and walking tours of Main Street Pittsford and Schoen Place.

A private dinner for 400 people was held at Richardson’s Canal House Inn . Guests arrived by motor coaches and tour boats—Sam Patch and the Colonial Belle. Rivers arranged for three groups to entertain throughout the evening. The closing banquet on the following night ended with fireworks on the Sister Cities Bridge behind the Rochester Plaza Hotel.

The 2000 World Canal Conference was such a success that the international committee invited Rochester to host again in 2010. TRO was selected by the committee a second time to manage The World Canals Conference — making Rochester the only city to host twice.

Round 2:

The 2010 version of the International Canal Conference was a roaring success. It included a reception and grazing party titled “Dinner in the Ditch,” held in an old aqueduct under the Broad St. Bridge in Rochester. The space was decorated with special lighting, carpeting, historic art, all to complement pre-existing graffiti.

The Rivers Organization faced challenges with getting power to the aqueduct and assuring security/fire safety for all attendees. In order to solve these problems, TRO enlisted the Fire Marshal and the Rochester City Police to inspect the aqueduct. Using Cheshire A/V, importing electricity was readily solved as various power supply plans were crafted and put in place.

The 3-hour grazing event catered by the Rochester Riverside Convention Center featured three musical acts, one acoustic band, a folk group, and performances from the Dady Brothers were scattered throughout the night.

World Canal Conferences Challenge

Quality Community Program Challenge:

The Rivers Organization was tasked to plan a one-day trade show event for the New York State Canal Corporation. The event required arranging for presentations by various state agencies which interact with the canal system. 200 guests were expected to attend, and parking was a necessity.


The Rivers Organization booked the Burgundy Basin Inn along the Erie Canal, a natural, warm setting. Burgundy Basin offered the space needed to host the trade show, presentations, and food area. Free parking was an added bonus.

Working with the Canal Corporation staff, The Rivers Organization sold 22 booths to state agencies—each came with valuable information about their respective services, including support materials. The presentations were captivating, using audio-visual equipment and handouts to keep their audiences involved.