Association Management Services

The Rivers Organization is here for your association, anytime, any day, any way.

Association Management Services

We know that you are passionate about your organization’s mission. Unfortunately, association leaders often spend too much time and too many resources managing the day-to-day aspects of the organization. This is why The Rivers Organization offers a diverse range of association management and support services—we are here to help your team realize real results, and facilitate your members’ professional growth.

Organization and Management
Managing Membership Services is critical to the success of your organization. We deliver professional, accurate, and timely membership support. We provide you with membership reports that measure the growth and development of your association. Learn More

Count on us to:
  • Work with membership committee to retain and develop members
  • Manage and maintain complete membership database records including names, addresses, dues, payments and meeting attendance
  • Work with national/international office
  • Respond promptly to all inquiries
  • Identify first-time guests registered at each meeting
  • Develop and send new member welcome packets
  • Update letters and promotional materials
  • Mail dues, invoices, and second notices as necessary
  • Provide lapsed member information to Membership Chair

Executive Service
The Rivers Organization takes care of day-to-day operations and general administrative duties, so board members can focus on strategic issues and committee members are able to focus on planning and growth. Learn More

We offer ongoing support:
  • Manage the day-to-day business of the association
  • Act as liaison with officers, directors and the association’s National Office
  • Facilitate the work of volunteers
  • Guide volunteers in the development of program procedures and action plans
  • Assist the treasurer with development and management of the annual budget
  • Assist with member assessments and strategic planning
  • Provide professional association management advice to the officers and directors

General Governance/Board of Directors/Committees
Associations rely on the strong leadership development of its board of directors and volunteer committees. The Rivers Organization helps facilitate initiatives from all levels of the organization. Learn More

We focus on your needs:
  • Assist with the election process for directors and officers
  • Take, edit and distribute minutes for board and executive committee meetings
  • Organize documents for the annual leadership conferences
  • Create, build and maintain policies and procedures manual

Building Membership, Development and Retention

We leverage your organization’s benefits to prospects, and communicate regularly with the membership base. Learn More

Because members are your most valuable assets, member enrollment, retention, engagement, and satisfaction are key factors to your success. Through ongoing communication programs, mentoring, coaching and support, The Rivers Organization can help you build and maintain enthusiastic members.

Financial Management
Trust our fully-bonded financial professionals to take responsibility for some or all of your in-house accounting needs, from maintaining records and managing accounts payable and accounts receivable, to banking and other bookkeeping tasks. Learn More

We will:
  • Receive and record payments and forward reports to the treasurer
  • Review invoices and prepare all checks for officers’ signatures
  • Process dues payments locally and with the association’s national office as needed
  • Prepare 1099 and year-end reports
  • Prepare financial statements through the general ledger in preparation for the auditor and filing of the 990 tax statement

Government Relations

Today’s volatile business environment requires you to have a trusted, well-connected ally. Whether you are seeking lobbying support or simply need to keep up with changes in legislation and regulations, The Rivers Organization is your ideal partner. Learn More

We can extend your reach:
  • We will work with association committees on statewide and national issues and advocacy programs
  • Staff will attend and participate in the meetings with area legislative representatives

Because so much is happening within your organization at any given moment, clear, timely, and consistent communication is a must. Whether you need assistance with drafting documents or keeping up with internal email blasts, we can help manage the flow. Learn More

We help you communicate through:
  • Newsletters and e-blasts
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Publicity and public relations
  • Website design, development and maintenance Learn More
    For your website:
    • Assist in design concept and management of the site
    • Update site content including membership, calendar, and events
    • Enter upcoming events into social media calendars, with registration information
    • Create an electronic payment account for credit cards and link shopping carts to events
    • Create and maintain social media accounts and profiles on various platforms
    • Answer inquiries and e-mails sent to the association

From the gathering of content to the design and preparation of professional communication materials, you will get attention and results. We email important documents to members, media and prospects, assist with media release writing and distribution, and provide follow-up to media and public inquiries.

Education Programs
We are your source for ongoing education. The Rivers Organization can help plan and facilitate a range of professional development events, from 1-hour lunch-and-learn sessions, to regulated continuing education courses. We can even customize learning programs to suit your group’s unique needs. Learn More

Services include:
  • Course promotion
  • Registration processing
  • Preparation of course materials